Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Employer


The Employer, 2013/ 89 min. Five candidates have been interviewing for a highly sought after position at the Carcharias Corporation, a huge conglomerate, who business practices are shrouded in mystery. All 5 applicants have what it takes to do well in the position, unfortunately, there is only one opening available. 


The night before the last round interviews they are drugged and kidnapped and wake up together in a locked room and escape is hopeless. They have been left with few personal effects, one of which is a cell phone. Soon they receive a call from their interviewer, the CEO of Carcharias (Malcolm McDowell). He informs them that they are in fact in the final stage of the interview process.


And it’s all bad and not at all what they were expecting. And there are rules to this interview. First, the phone only allows 5 outgoing calls. Second, no police. Thirdly, the only way out is to get the combinations to the 4 locks on the door. And the only way to get the combination is when The Employer calls with the number after each one of the expires. The one left, walks out with the job. 


This is a thriller, it is violent and graphic and there’s blood but this isn’t scary and there’s no gore. The horror in this movie is the situation and it’s pretty horrific.




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