Macabre...ish Horror Review: The End?



The End?, 2017/ 100 min



A business man, Claudio (Alessandro Roja) becomes trapped in an elevator and all of his attempts to call for help fail. When he finally loses patience and pries the doors open, he realizes something terrible has happened to everyone while he’s been trapped. A virus rages in the city, the infection turning into zombies.


Suddenly, it seems his claustrophobic nightmare might be a safe haven as outside descends into chaos and everyone he knows turns in a violent monster or is being attacked by them. And the slightly open door is a window into the madness that he can neither help nor escape.


His calls for help via cell phone lead to nothing but listening to people being attacked by the end of the call. A few uninfected people try to help him out but the attempt always attracted zombies and he’d do what he could to distract and kill them.


And soon the lights go out but as luck would have it, there’s someone else in the building who may be able to help him.


This is an Italian horror also known as The End? L'inferno fuori and it was pretty good for what it was and is dialogue heavy. It’s very bloody without being graphic and the zombie make up isn’t great but the acting is good. This is a well made movie.