Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Equalizer


The Equalizer, 2014/ 132 min. 



After promising his now deceased wife to leave the past behind him, Robert, a former Marine and Defense Intelligence Agent, goes back on his word. But only after a friend, a prostitute named Alina, is nearly beaten to death by her pimp.



He tracks down her pimp, Slavi, and offered $9800 to him for her freedom, when he refuses, it turns into his last day. Which creates the domino effect of a mob boss sending his enforcer to find who killed Slavi and his crew.



What follows is a trail of bodies as Rensen, the enforcer, searches for clues. Then another trail of bodies as Robert rights alot of wrongs. And in turn he helps a lot of good/innocent people along the way.


I enjoyed this movie! It’s a mix of feel good and savagery. A good dangerous man vs a bad dangerous man and all the carnage it ensues. Pretty good pacing, good story but odd transitions. With a good cast and cinematography. Great fight scenes, excellent kills and action packed!


I highly recommend this one if you’re a action fan. Click here to watch. Enjoy!!



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