Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Farm



The Farm, 2018/ 1 hr 20 min


A couple, Alec (Alec Gaylord) and Nora (Nora Yessayan), on a road trip, after a series of strange encounters with odd locals, a strong sense of foreboding and a truly terrifying lodge, end up at a farm where the cattle stock is human.

Alec is immediately taken to a barn with other caged men, all undressed and in their own cage. Each cage has straw bedding, a trough and the men are all gagged and despondent. A sharp blow to the head with a hammer takes all the fight out of them.

The women however, are turning into breeding stock. Artificially inseminated, forced to breed and milked like cows. The newborns are weighed and horribly euthanized in front of their mothers. Who are all caged and gagged.

The entire place is a farm, processing plant and catering company and is run by a man with one ear (Ken Volok). Everywhere humans are being slaughtered and processed for consumption. And most of the workers wear animal masks and rarely if ever speak. One of them, Andrew (Rob Tisdale), a mentally disabled man, is in trouble for ‘playing with the food’ which resulted in 3 people’s death and mutilation.

But new arrival, Nora, hopes to escape and with the frenzy of a big event coming up to be catered, a shortage of product and Andrew running amok. She and Alec might get their chance to escape.

This is an unexpectedly graphic and gruesome flick. All effects are physical and very gory. It takes a little while for this film to get going but it’s worth the wait. The cages people were kept in were those coated, folding pet kennels that in reality would not have kept anyone in who wanted out but that was my only pet peeve, it was overall pretty good.