Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Fly 2



The Fly 2, 1989/ 1 hr 45 min.



Veronica goes into labor with Seth Brundle’s baby and as expected, the birth  is not normal. The child, a boy is named Martin Brundle and raised by the man, Mr. Bartok, who funded Seth’s teleportation project. Martin is very special and he grows at an accelerated rate, his reflexes are incredible, he’s a genius and he appears to need no sleep.


And he’s not so much raised as he is studied and under constant surveillance by scientists and lives in the lab where he was born. He’s still a child though and makes his own toys, inventing cool gadgets. Sneaks around at night to spend time with the lab animals, a particular favorite, a golden retriever, he’s a lonely kid.



By his 5th year, he looks 22 and moves from the lab to his own apartment, still on company property. And he is offered a job at Bartok Industries to finish his father’s work. The teleportation devices still do not work as they should and the hope is Martin, with his genius, can make them work.



Martin receives and watches his father’s recordings of his progress and gets to work. He begins to unknowingly mimic his father in alot of ways concerning the telepods.



Meanwhile, he’s maturing and that means he’s not as human as he once was. He is slowly being isolated and sequestered, studied against his will. He is property of Bartok Industries, he discovers, Bartok’s true intensions.



As he transforms, in an act of desperation he attempts a cure and the outcome is pure karma.



Adult scenes, animal testing, graphic transformations that range from horrific muppetry to grotesque monster and it’s all good!!



Also they do not hold back on the goo, slime, ooze, pus...whatever you want to call it. There’s not much scare, mostly at the end, more gross moments than scary ones.




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