Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Funhouse Massacre



The Funhouse Massacre, 2015/ 1 hr 30 min


Enter the facility that houses some of the most dangerous of us, it’s not a prison or a mental health facility, more of a holding facility that keeps them off the street and everyone else safe. Everyone from chef that fed his customers to his customers, a wrestler who killed too many of his opponents and a dentist who did not stop drilling at the teeth.

A journalist who says she’s there for a tour should definitely have her own cell there after her visit is over. And the inmates are free to roam the streets. But good news, it’s Halloween season and a scary funhouse is nearby, they’ll fit right in!

 And about that funhouse, it was all part of the plan. Also, in other news around town, someone is killing people and stitching their eyes and mouths shut. Meanwhile, the Funhouse is newly staffed with quite the nasty, motley crew and they’ll open for a night the town won’t soon forget.

After hours of slaughter, police realize where the trail of bodies are leading. And most of the funhouse patrons finally realize it is all real. The kills, the props, many of them are real.

 This slasher is a gore fest! Lots of gore, lots of different kills and killers, nice physical effects plus Robert Englund and Jere Burns! Some of the victims are fighters, which I love. The pacing is good and the keystone cop and his dark humor is pretty funny.  And we end with a nice twist, this was fun!!