Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Furies



The Furies, 2019/ 1 hr 22 min


Women are kidnapped off the street and wake up in a box in the woods and the box does not open until an alarm goes off. Kayla wakes up and finds others who have been out longer. No one knows where they are, how they got there or what the endgame is.

It looks like they are all playing a game against their will, they are being hunted and there is more than one hunter. And the hunters, they wear masks, mostly animal shaped and made of other people’s faces, human skin clothes and armed with their weapons of choice. But the kidnapped women aren’t the only game, everyone, even other hunters are hunted. Everyone is a potential victim or victor.

Kayla has an unfair disadvantage and advantage, to make the game more interesting, I guess. Also she knows her friend was taken there too and she’s searching for her. Plus there is the dilemma, should the kidnapped women try to help and protect each other or use each other to survive. That’s it’s own struggle. Some chose the former, some, the latter.

Kayla also figures out how the hunters find them in such a vast place. And the longer they play the game, the more rules they figure out and the premise becomes clear. And it’s very diabolical.

This is an Australian slasher with a deadly game concept. This has very gory physical effects, good pacing, good overall story and it has quite the ending. Well done!