Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Girl Who Got Away



The Girl Who Got Away, 2021/ 1 hr 56 min


A man and his son (Cade Tropeano), pass a bleeding woman, carrying a knife, walking on the road and as they drive on they see a girl, Christina (Audra Grace Marshall), run into the woods. He stops to try to help her and contacts authorities.

Christina (Lexi Johnson) grows up to be a teacher and the woman who was chasing her went to prison. Christina’s interested in adopting a troubled little girl named Lisa (Willow McCarthy).


Meanwhile, someone, still in a prison uniform is looking for her. And this person has killed two people in pursuit of her, so far. It’s Elizabeth Caulfield (Kaye Tuckerman), before she was sentenced to prison she kidnapped five girls and killed their parents. The bodies of four of those children were found buried behind her house.


Elizabeth was a night nurse, one day she didn’t return to work and she kidnapped some of the infants. Christina was the first and so had been with her the longest and she was the one who got away.


A Marshall was transporting Elizabeth and she took the opportunity to escape. She’s in the area where her last victim lives and she’s killing everyone who crosses her path.


When Christina is alerted about the prisoner’s escape, she has no idea what he is talking about and then suddenly, terrible flashes of the past pop into her mind and she starts sleep walking and waking up in random places. And now she needs to hide out while police hunt for Elizabeth. Ofc.Jamie Nwosu (Chukwudi Iwuji) kept watch at her house but the town’s small department can only do so much.


A retired cop, Jerry Bailey (Ned Van Zandt), who originally worked this case seemed to be helping but as time goes by and the more he talks, it seems he is concerned about more than just protecting Christine.


But there is something else not adding up here.


This is a psychological thriller about a deranged female serial killer. It’s a little slow and little long but the effects are good and the story is solid. It’s somewhat bloody, gory ,and graphic and many of the flashbacks are sufficiently terrifying. There is nudity and this is really a slow slasher. I really enjoyed this!