Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Green Inferno




The Green Inferno, 2013/ 1 hr 43 min


A student social activism group goes to the Amazon rainforest to stop a petrochemical company from deforesting the area. The idea is to film the crew in action and stream the video online to raise awareness. This operation is funded by a drug dealer they meet in Peru, Carlos (Matías López).

They reach the site and chain themselves to equipment and begin to film. A private militia arrives and one of the videos go viral when one of the protestors, Justine (Lorenza Izzo), is nearly executed. The group is arrested but Carlos pays to have them freed.

They leave by plane and as they celebrate, it crashes and the pilots and passengers are ejected and killed. As the survivors search for the GPS phone, red painted tribal people come out of the bush and kill one and sedate the rest with darts. They are imprisoned in a bamboo cage and the horror continues, this is a tribe of cannibals who practice, public display of torture and genital mutilation.

While they wait their turn, presumably, the leader of the protest group, Alejandro (Ariel Levy), confesses to the real reason he brought them to the Amazon and activism had nothing to do with it. It only proves to make this situation much worse. And as it turns out the people who died in the crash were the lucky ones. 

This is an Eli Roth film so you know it’s really graphic and gory. Also visually stunning with good pacing after. But there were some moments some will find hard to watch plus it’s an emotional roller coaster.