Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Hills Have Eyes



The Hills Have Eyes, 2006


The movie opens with men in hazmat suits being slaughtered via pick ax by a massive, strong and deformed man and are finally dragged away, chained to the back of a truck.


Continuing with depictions of prep and destruction at a bomb testing site.


Fast forward to:



A family is traveling from Cleveland, Ohio to San Diego for the parents anniversary, when they are pointed to a short cut through the hills at a gas station by Jeb. They take this ill fated road when their tires are punctured, the wreck and are stranded. Bob (Dad) and Doug (son in law) go searching for help while one of the family dog’s runs off and is found later, mutilated. And someone is watching them.



Bob arrives at the now abandoned gas station and find news clippings on the wall of missing people and realizes the attendant purposely led them astray. When he finds a human ear in a food container, he leaves the station to find Jeb outside, he’s distraught and commits suicide. Bob tries to escape in a car but is attacked and dragged away by a man and his deformed sons, into a cave.



Doug heads toward the interstate but finds a huge crater containing abandoned cars and personal items and turns back. Bobby finally returns after searching for the dog, keeping what he found to himself so he doesn’t alarm the family. Later that night, they hear Bob’s screams and run from the camper to find him, all except Brenda (Daughter) and the baby. They find him crucified to a burning tree but it’s a distraction, the deformed sons ransack the camper, beating and raping Brenda.



When the family returns they find the baby at gun point and one of the brothers sucking from Lynn’s breast. Both, Lynn (Daughter) and Ethel (Mom) are killed and the brothers escape with the baby.



Bobby and Doug find the aftermath and by morning, Doug and the other family dog, Beast, go searching for his baby.



He’s knocked unconscious and wakes up in an old soda cooler on top of human body parts. Once out he encounters more gruesome and horribly deformed people, one called Cyst, he kills.



Beast (family dog) escapes his weird car and mattress spring cage and kills a few inbreds. And the search for baby Catherine continues.


Meanwhile, Bobby and Brenda are still at the camper and have set up trip wire out of fishing line and laying a trap for any that return for them, while they hope for Doug to return with the baby.



For an evil inbred cannibal movie, this one’s not bad and I was surprise by the good cast. It was as horrific as expected and graphic, it had the feel like this could really happen, which makes it all worse.


Good effects, half inbred characters were disgusting. One looked like an animated wad of chewed gum with teeth, one looked like a tick with a human body hanging from it, one looked like he was turned inside out. Gross! They were great!


This is the remake of the 1977 version.

And I love the location they filmed this in!


Ready to watch it?! It’s available here. Enjoy!




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