Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Hills Run Red



The Hills Run Red, 2009/ 1 hr 21 min


In 1982, controversial director, Wilson Concannon (William Sadler) released his one and only film, The Hills Run Red. It was released in theatres but because it was so graphic and sadistic, it was quickly pulled.


All known copies of the film vanished and not one cast member was ever found. Over the years, horror fans and film historians searched for a copy, to no avail, all that’s left is a bad trailer. The director was never seen or heard from again.


But a new group of horror fans are on a mission, well they are being dragged there by the one serious fan and amateur documentarian, Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrink) to find the filming locations of the purported most sadistic and bloodiest movie ever made. Tyler wants to make a documentary about the legend of Concannon and his movie. But first they have to find him and discover that he has a daughter, Alexa (Sophie Monk), maybe she can help. One strip tease, lap dance and hit of heroin later…still nothing, not until the next day.


Tyler discovers he’s just one of many who have found her, seeking out the legend. But he convinces her and she’s willing to show them the location. All these years later, she’s seemingly still struggling with whatever happened there.


And they find the woods, the precise spot of a notorious scene. And that’s not all that’s just like the movie. Tyler will get every single question answered but he might not survive it or maybe he’ll just go insane.


This movie was pretty good. It’s as graphic as you’d expect a movie like this to be and the effects are good. Also this isn’t just a gore fest, the story is solid and the pacing is good. And this ‘victims’ don’t just lay down and die, which I appreciated.