Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Hitchhiker



The Hitchhiker, 1983/ 85 episodes over 6 Seasons


Each episode which explores the darkness in humanity, is introduced and concluded by a wanderer (Page Fletcher).


The premise is essentially, bad people doing terrible things to other people and getting their comeuppance in all sorts of unexpected ways, from public humiliation to paranormal.


It first aired on HBO before it moved to USA, this is an 80s star packed thriller anthology. This has a serious Twilight Zone/ Tales from the Darkside vibe and is more creepy than anything. More psychological thriller than horror, very little blood or gore. And some episodes go right up to the edge of soft core porn.


This is perfect for people aren’t really into graphic horror or being terrified. It’s a pretty light and easy watch. If you didn’t see it in the 80s then you may just find it boring. It is pretty nostalgic though and pretty cool to see old stars in parts that they usually didn’t play. Like the Dad, (Darren McGavin) from A Christmas Story, as a vampire. A lot of these stories are really interesting, you just never know where they’re going.


This series is also known as Deadly Nightmares (UK) and Le Voyageur (France).