Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Hoarder


The Hoarder, 2014/ 1 hr 24 min

This movie is about terrifying secrets kept in the lowest warehouse level of a storage facility. Our tale begins with a woman who found out her significant other has a storage unit that she knows nothing about and she enlists the help of a friend to find it and break in.


While there, they other people find themselves  locked in. And in attempting to find their way out, they discover what can can only be described as a psychopath’s disturbing collection. Each one plus their cells has been outfitted for long term occupancy. And one of them has escaped and is hunting the trapped guests.


This looks like it has gone on for a while judging by the set up, the size of the collection and the ease and comfort at which the person is able to pull this off. Not only are the people are in endangered by the escapee but the collector. They have to find a way out or risk dying here or worse.


This indie horror setting is almost entirely in this storage facility and a handful of people, it seems a little slow because they do not give you much but once I got into the story, I’m glad I finished it, it was disturbing and heart breaking. The cinematography and what few effects there were, was pretty good. This could have easily been a gore fest but they showed great restraint. If they made a sequel or prequel, I would definitely watch it.