Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Horror Network


The Horror Network. 2015/ 114 min



A woman keeps hearing some worrying sounds from the building across the street. Then at 3 am something wakes her up and the shower is running but no one is in the tub. As the days go on she’s unnerved and on edge, weird things just keep happening and she’s taunted by a caller. Very creepy.


A troubled kid in therapy who talks about a kid who was killed in school. He’s fascinated by potentially evil people and worried that his sleep walking means he has split personality and possibly an evil one. As the doctor works with him, he comes to a terrible realization about his patient.


A hearing impaired child is bullied by her school mates and she tires of hearing it and removed her hearing aid. She accidentally leaves her phone on the bus and on her way home she hides from a man driving van, who’s following her by ducking into the woods.


A masked child draws disturbing pictures in a hospital at the foot of her mother’s bed after her mother is beaten, carved nearly to death, then sexually assaulted by her Dad. In front of her. Over missing shaving cream. Now she’s a traumatized adult. (Spanish language, English subtitles...Trigger warning) This one is very graphic with crazy effects and story!


A man does something terrible to a dog and then his roommate. A lot of terrible things to his roommate, then buries him under the house, all before he goes to church. (Trigger warning)



This is a low budget horror anthology, very creepy, solid stories mostly not graphic or gory, thrillers really but there are jump scares. Good progression, the episodes get progressively worse. Very campfire story/ Tales From The Darkside vibe, perfect for those who like to get creeped out but not a full on scare or carnage. The third starts getting crazy, script wise..the last two are, for lack of a better word...depraved. Serious trigger warnings for the last two.