Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Human Centipede 2






The Human Centipede 2, 2011/ 88 min.



This is a story about a very disturbed man who is obsessed with the first film.

In a parking garage in London a man, Martin Lomax, just finishes watching the first Human Centipede and seeing a young couple arguing next to their car, he sees an opportunity. He violently attacks them both plus a few others from the garage and loads them into his van. He subdues them with a crack to the head with a crowbar. Then he returns to his booth and his notes, he is a little more than obsessed with this film. He’s been planning this for a while.


He then goes to rent a garage but somehow accidentally kills the lessor. A little about Martin, he’s gotta be 50 years old, obese, asthmatic and still lives at home with his miserable shrew of a mother. Who blames him for his pedophile, father’s imprisonment. She often tries to kill him and herself. He is fascinated by serial killers and has a pet centipede. To say he’s deranged is to put it nicely, his favorite Centipede movie is his porn and he pleasures himself with sandpaper.


And so Martin needs 12 people to make his centipede. And he gets them all from work. Men and women. Children are safe. Unless they are still inside their mother’s. All except two, his neighbor and Jenny, one of the actual actors from the movie. They all are stored in his filthy private garage.


Once everyone is collected, then comes the crudest surgery ever. Anesthesia is more crowbar to the head. Removing teeth with a hammer. And just precedes to get worse from there.


This film is black and white and unbelievably graphic and gory. It being black and white somehow makes it worse. This is not a fun, easy watch. It is torture porn and it is about as brutal as it gets. Definitely worse than the first and just as well made. The movie maker really thought about this film. Also, I kind of wanted to throw up by then end of it.


This entire movie is a trigger warning.


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