Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Human Centipede



Finally got to this oft requested horror!





The Human Centipede, 2009/ 92 min.


Interesting info about this movie, investors were not informed about the butthole to mouth aspect of this story. And were surprised with it, once the project was complete...


This is the story about a German doctor who kidnaps tourists and joins them all, surgically, mouth to butthole, creating the human centipede.





Two American tourists, visiting Germany, arrive at a house after getting a flat, (and wandering the woods!) are drugged and held captive by the insane home owner and surgeon, Dr. Josef Heiter.






Waking up, they witness the euthanization of another captive, a kidnapped truck driver, because he’s not a match. He is then replaced by a Japanese tourist. The surgeon explains that he is world renowned for separating conjoined twins.


But has a dream of creating new creatures by sewing people together!





He explains in horrific detail how he will be connecting these 3 people together, anus to mouth, so that they share one digestive system.


One of them, Lindsay, tries to escape and is rewarded by the decision to place her as the middle section, which is also the most painful and frankly disgusting position. He begins by removing both women’s teeth and mutilates the buttocks of Katsuo and Lindsay, to provide easy access to their rectums. Grafting Jenny and Lindsay’s mouths to the other’s anuses. Finally, their ligaments are severed, forces them to crawl.





Once the operation is complete, the doctor is overcome with happiness at his success.





He attempts to train his new creation like a pet. Belittling and beating Katsuo.And when he defecates, well, Lindsay is forced to swallow. Katsuo screams constantly and sepsis begins setting in.







Law enforcement eventually arrive, searching for missing tourists and the crazy surgeon has plans for them as well. To add some more segments to his creation. He roofies water for the cops but they are suspicious and orders search warrants.


The end is a chaotic nightmare. This movie is graphic and tough to watch but they do not show everything. The effects are good. There’s some shaky cam/pov footage. Jump scares and generally is unnerving, with some absolutely maddening moments.


This is a Dutch Psychological horror and it is very well done if I do say so myself. It’s horrifyingly bleak and the actor they got to pay the doctor is spot on!


P. S. I must add that I love that the people who made this movie has such amazing names, their last name is Six and the Cinematographers first name is Goof! Then the people who created the music is Savage and Spies and the lead actor is Laser! Click here for the second and here for the third in the sequence,


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