Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Hunt




The Hunt, 2020/ 1 hr 30 min

Ruthless elitists set up a deadly game for people they have deemed deplorable, in a remote location. It starts off with a hitch when one of the unlucky chosen, wakes up earlier than expected.


The rest wake up, gagged, in a clearing with no idea what’s happening or how they  got there. The only thing around is a giant crate containing weapons and a pig.


They also find a key for their gags and as soon as they are off and everyone is armed, some unseen person starts shooting at them. The shooting is not the only danger, there are also arrows, landmines, traps and some of them are very intricate.


Random people that survivors of the original deluge, meet, may not be what they seem. The only way to survive is to trust no one, no matter how innocent they seem. Phones cannot be trusted, who knows who may be on the end of the line. Even vehicles just passing by, are they just passing by? How about the migrants hiding on a train? Is the gas station and the proprietor, real or part of this sick game?


Where are they? What state?? What country??? Who knows! But one person in particular seems uniquely suited to play this game, Crystal (Betty Gilpin). And maybe Gary (Ethan Suplee) who is a conspiracy theorist and he teams up with Crystal to survive and hopefully find their way out of this nightmare.


This is a gory, bloody, satire with a great cast (Hilary Swank, Emma Roberts, Any Madigan)! Great pacing, concept and graphic effects. It ends with an epic fight and crazy explanation for all this. This movie, for all the over the top slaughter, was a surprisingly easy watch! Well done!