Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Killing Room


The Killing Room, 2009/ 1 hr 33 min. Four people are accepted as test subjects for a paid study, $250 to participate, for 8 hours, by a mysterious Dr. Phillips (Peter Storemare). And at the same time it is the evaluation day for Emily (Chloë Sevigny) on Dr. Philips team. She’s a psychologist and her job is to observe and do psychological profiles on them based on their interactions. This is part of a highly secret organization


In a stark white, room, with high bullet proof windows and tables and chairs bolted to the floor, our subjects are asked to take a survey.



When suddenly, one of the subjects is executed by Dr. Phillips, the remaining subjects are informed that their lives depend on their performance and their respond to various situations. After shooting Kerry (Clea Duvall), in the head, he immediately leaves the room. Tony (Shea Whigam) immediately laughs and claps, believe it to be a show. Until he realizes Kelly is actually dead.



The rest of the participants are in turmoil realizing they can’t leave and help isn’t coming. They will continue this study. Soon a slot in the wall opens and Paul (Nick Cannon) picks up the handgun with only one round in it, that comes out. A voice tells them they have 2 hours to answer a question. Meanwhile Crawford (Timothy Hutton) and Tony, desperately try to figure a way out and who’s doing this to them. Paul has discovered they are not the first subjects, based on etchings painted over on the walls. There have been many, many more. Or so it seems. 


Once only one is left, he is led to another room with 2 men tied to their chairs and the intercom announces that Phase 2 is about to begin.


I like this thriller, lots of recognizable faces, graphic and bloody. Even though you only really see less than 10 people the entire movie. I wish there was a sequel but there doesn’t appear to be one.



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