Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Last Horror Movie




The Last Horror Movie, is a movie about Max, a wedding photographer, aspiring movie maker and psychopath, who decides he wants to make a horror movie, a ‘real horror’ with real kills.

The first few minutes of the movie begins with this terribly grainy footage and then stops and we’re introduced to star of our story and he lets us know that he’s copied over the actual movie, with footage of his ‘movie’. But you see, he really wants to make a movie, that we the viewer will love and appreciate the artistry of his craft. He wants us to understand his mindset, philosophy and reasoning behind every thing he does.


The movie is a mix between his ‘movie’ and essential ‘home movie footage’ of his real life, with him interacting with family and friends. He does have a videographer/assistant who follows him around, silently recording his exploits and after a while his services are terminated.

This is a documentary style movie, with some ‘shaky cam’ and at times, home movie sensibilities. Most of the movie, he talks to us, the viewers. Because, he’s making this movie just for us, you see. There are some good twists, the ending was great and somewhat unexpected. It is graphic, bloody and somewhat gory.

This movie is not a scary monster kind of horror movie, so much as it is a ‘what if this was real and happening right now’ kind of horror movie.

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie, it was a nice change. If you quit this movie with in the first four minutes, you may have missed out on a treat.


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