Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Last Showing



The Last Showing, 2014/ 1 hr 29 min


A couple go to the movies on the night a disturbed Projectionist, Stuart (Robert Englund) decides to drug them, take over the theatre, lock them inside and film them. The woman, Allie (Emily Berrington), is ill and heads to the restroom where she seemingly disappears.

And the boyfriend, Martin (Finn Jones). searches for her and a way out, all the while Stuart misdirects him by turning lights on and off. Leading him to a theatre that is screening what has been recorded of them, so far. And it is presented just like the beginning of a feature film.

Soon words flash on the screen, “We’re making a film!” He is then directed to throw his phone on the floor and destroy it. He is then direct to a seat with a gun under it and one bullet. He’s warned to use it wisely.

This man is obsessed with making a realistic horror film and so, everything in it, has to be real. Stuart directs his production from inside his own film, orchestrating their every move up until the final scene.

This is a fun movie, a psychological horror. Tiny cast but good concept and story. Some blood but not overly so. No gore and no nudity, this movie is about the story rather than shock or schlock. Well done!