Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Long Kiss Goodnight


The Long Kiss Goodnight, 1996/ 2 hrs



This is a story about a teacher who was born 8 years before, fully grown and pregnant, having washed up on a beach in New Jersey. She knows nothing about herself except that she’s called Samantha Caine.



She lives in a comfortable life with her boyfriend and 8 year old daughter, when the private investigator, Mitch Hennessy, she’s retained to find out who she is, calls, he’s made some headway. Mitch is a degenerate ex cop, excon, who is also a pretty dirty private dick but he has a good heart. As a result of his ‘headway’ it triggers a series of events that immediately put her family in danger and her on the run.



Each contact she makes, following the clues she has, makes it worse. People keep showing up to kill her and whoever she was is waking up because at each impossible to escape situation, she and Hennessy, somehow escape. The biggest mistake they make is connecting with a man who she thought was her fiance and while she’s being tortured, finally remembers everything.



After killing everyone around and rescuing Hennessy, she transforms herself, cutting her long red hair and bleaching it blond, she introduces herself, her name is Charly Baltimore. And she’s quite the opposite of wholesome, school teacher Sam. Charly is a hard drinking, smoking, kick ass assassin for the US government.



But now she’s being hunted and they will use any means to capture her and keep her from thwarting their plans.



This movie is great! Paced really well, great characters, engaging and funny is all the right places, action packed and I’m always surprised that it’s two hours long, doesn’t feel like it. The heroine takes as much damage as everyone else! Plenty of fight scenes, including fights and some torture. If you can’t stomach a woman getting struck, pass on this one. 

Anyone, excellent action movie with a female assassin, what’s not to like!!


 Wanna watch it?! It’s here, on itunes. Enjoy!!



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