Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Lost Tribe





The Lost Tribe, 2010/ 100 min


On the way to Asia to close a business, by boat, 5 friends rescue a man that’s adrift. That was a huge mistake because he tries to change the boat’s course and ends up wrecking it. They wash up on an uncharted island and find the radio to alert the coast guard.


The stranger they rescued and caused this disaster, doesn’t make it and before the crabs consume the body, they bury him. And later, he vanishes.



The group searches the island and discover an abandoned researcher’s camp. Something’s terribly wrong with this place. When one of them, Tom, vanishes in the night. They group search for him and find the abandoned camp, gone as well.


They find another camp and go through documents and a laptop, they were researching the missing link. They found evidence of their existence and their continued survival. But there is fear that the church will suppress the evidence. The Vatican has deployed an assassin to execute the cover up. Everyone who knows about this, is dead.



They finally see what’s on the island with them and they aren’t animals. And they eat people. They need to get off this island because they are being hunted.



It’s a pretty good story, very good practical effects and entertaining. I also really enjoyed the score. Graphic, gory and at times terribly sad.