Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead



The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead, 2018/ 1 hr 27 min



A mermaid has fallen for a man, Roma (Efim Petrunin) who likes swimming in the lake that she lives in. She freaks him out in the water and when he finds her on the boat dock, wearing his shirt and combing her hair. She almost looks like a human woman except she kisses him with a mouthful of gnarly fangs.


Afterward something is wrong with him, Roma is not quite himself and strange things are happening everywhere he goes. And that mermaid pops up, where ever there is water. And his fiancee, Marina (Victoriya Agalakova) is concerned, especially when she finds the comb in Roma’s pocket.


And everyone else who sees that comb, even over the internet, are having odd experiences. And that comb is also in an old family photo, turns out, Roma’s dad knows. And he knows a lot. With that information they all try to find out how to stop the mermaid before she kills them.


The closer they get, the more active and dangerous she becomes. She pulls out all the stops, attacks everyone, mimics each of them, possesses people and objects. Anywhere there is water, she can be and control. By the end, no one trusts anyone, family secrets and the secret of how to kill her are inextricably linked.


This movie was fun! It is Russian and I saw it was an English voice over. The pacing is good and kept me hooked. It’s not bloody but has light gore but there are many monster effects and jump scares. There was only one critique, one of the voices was so animated that it took me out of the movie. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it! Oh and this and Spring makes a great double feature!