Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Mist



Stephen King’s The Mist, 2007/ 126 min. Based on the book by the same name.



After a thunderstorm blows a giant tree down and damages their property, David Drayton (Thomas Jane), goes into town to get supplies with his son, Billy, and his neighbor, Brent (Andre Braugher) leaving his wife, Stephanie at home. On the way, they notice a strange mist hanging over the area, extending from the mountain.



While in the store, customers notice unusual police and military presence, and panicked people run into the store looking for refuge, yelling about something in the Mist. At this point the Mist is everywhere and there’s no visibility. And something is in the Mist, more than one something too. Monsters. People can be heard screaming in as the Mist rolls over them.



Inside the store people cower, tentacles come out the Mist plucking people out of hiding.



Some commit suicide to escape. People in the store block windows and tape up the cracks in an effort to keep the monsters out. Creatures batter the building attempting to get in and people inside are desperate for help or some way out.


Soon, a deeply religious woman, Mrs. Carmody (Marcia Gay Harden) is creating chaos, quoting scripture and pitting people against each other, going on about the end of days and demanding human sacrifice to present to the creatures,



to end the onslaught until force is used to end the mania.


As people come back to their senses after the religious fervor, a group decides to try to escape and take off for one of the group’s vehicle. During the escape, people are picked off but many make it. 



This is a good story with a lot of recognizable characters, some from Walking Dead and Shawshank Redemption. The movie becomes intense and harrowing. There are some bloody, gory and graphic moments. And there is an unexpected and heartbreaking ending. Enjoy!


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