Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Mortuary Collection



The Mortuary Collection, 2020/ 112 min


The story starts and ends, in Raven’s End and is hosted by Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown), the mortician and proprietor of Raven’s End Mortuary. He’s hiring and the woman, Sam (Caitlin Custer) inquiring about a job wants to hear some stories.

A thief helps herself to other people’s possessions and then breaks into the wrong house, she finds out house screwed she is after prying open a medicine cabinet.

Then guys at REU are prepping for a party by passing out condoms and spiel to incoming freshmen girls. One of the guys has met his match and because he’s terrible, he gets swift and excruciating consequences. And apparently it has happened again and again and again.

Oh and prepare yourself for one of the most violent and painful babysitting stories around.

This anthology has typical tales but with a twist (well many twists), either of outcome or execution. Oh and the mortuary is definitely hiring but the method and ‘contract’ are crazy. But at least only the ‘right’ candidate gets the job.

The physical effects, gore and CG are good, plus this has one the most epic fight scenes ever. This is very graphic so be ready, it is really well done and was good to see Clancy Brown again!