Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Night Watchmen

The Night Watchmen, 2017/ 1 hr 20 min

Three inept security guards are training a new hire, badly. One night they accept delivery of a mis-delivered coffin and their creep of a boss, pries it open, only to find a dead clown inside. He has the idea that he’ll sell it to some fetishists but before he can set up that deal, the clown sits up.

This was a beloved clown who died after catching an illness during his visit to Romania.

He may be dead but he is now, also walking around, attacking people and soon there are a lot of dead bodies chasing down anyone living. Soon the city is over run with vampires.

This is a horror comedy but it is incredibly gory, bloody and with lots of other disgusting bodily expulsions. The vampires are very feral, very much like fast moving, run up walls, crawl across the ceiling zombies. The physical effects and makeup are good, the sun fry CG, not so much. Also expect nudity and adult scenes. And if you are afraid of clowns, definitely skip this one. A ridiculous but fun watch!