Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Odds




The Odds, 2018/ 1 hr 47 min


A woman, Annie, is led into a room by a host and her blindfold is removed. She’s asked if she’s ready to play. This is a game and it has rules. There are 19 other players at 19 other locations, similar to where she is. All over the world. Along with the game is also gambling and all wages are brokered by the clearinghouse, that is responsible for the game. The communication is by bluetooth and webcam.


There are 5 preliminary rounds followed by the final 3. If you leave during the preliminary rounds, you will leave with no prize money. All players who make it to the final rounds, may not leave. The finals will keep playing until there’s only one player left. The last one standing with get the grand prize but they do not know how much it is until it is deposited into their account. Also, the games are always different and unknown to the players and their hosts until it is presented to them.


Contestants are also drug tested, for illegal and performance enhancing drugs. When the game starts the contestants must hold their hand over a candle. Once 3 players quit, the rest, move on to the next round. The players are all playing together, against each other but do no effect or interact with each other. It’s mind over matter. With some coaching from your host. This particular one has coached 14 before her. And watched 2 men and 3 women blow their brains out.



The player and her host build quite the interesting and horrific rapport, all the while she’s enduring torture. And how would you know if there really was a game or if it’s just something thought up by a madman for his own amusement?


This is a psychological horror is very much like Would You Rather? and it is pretty brutal, though they do not show everything. Some blood, a lot of pain and abuse. It’s rough and gets harder to watch as it goes. Also well done for it being mostly 2 people for most of the movie. I really enjoyed this!