Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Platform


The Platform, 2019/ 1 hr 34 min


A man, Goreng, wakes up in a concrete cell, level 48, he has a cellmate, Trimagasi. His cellmate explains that there are levels, people about and people below. Eat level gets food that the level above does not want. They do not speak between levels and they are only at the level for a month. The are in a Vertical Self Management facility.


The way it works is, there’s a center platform that begins at the top and travels down, through each level. The platform is covered in a veritable feast, left over from the level above. Eat your fill before the platform leaves your level because there will be nothing else until the next time.


Once the light turns green, the platform lowers to your level. Green, it moves down to the next. And at each level, the ones before, also, defile the table. And if you try to keep food , it is considered theft and they will turn the temperature up of down until you either die or return the food.


Some people are there if their own free will for something valuable in return, like a degree, for a 6 month stay. Others were given no choice. Trimigasi and Goreng, tells the story of how they arrived there.


They also have no idea how many levels are there. They do know there are at least 130 because Trimagasi was there and at that level, the platform was always empty. For a month, nothing. But he had eaten. Also everyone gets to bring one item.


And in this place, every once in a while, someone jumps, ending their life. Oh and they are gassed and moved to different levels, one day they are moved, together, to level 171. Goreng with his one item, a book and Trimigasi and his knife.


This is a spanish psychological thriller. It is disturbing, gory and there is nudity. There are also some helpful flashbacks. If you like Cube, you may enjoy this one. This is a heavy dystopian nightmare and I really enjoyed it! P.S. This is dubbed in English.