Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Prodigy



The Prodigy, 2019/ 92 min.


At the same time a woman is going into labor, a kidnapper is killed in a police raid, after his captive escapes, without her hand.


The baby, Miles, has one hazel, one blue eye and starts talking at 26 weeks. He’s gifted. And is enrolled in a special school for gifted kids. By age 8, he begins displaying violent tendencies and injures his sitter during a game of hide and seek. But he claims to not remember.





Miles beats a child with a wrench, at school, for not relinquishing his project partner. He speaks in his dream in a rare dialect of Hungarian. One night he wakes up pointing at his head and saying, “He’s in here.”


It is discovered that a another soul living inside of Miles and it is dangerous. He’s displaying stranger and more dangerous behaviors. Meanwhile, his parents are becoming more afraid. He knows things that he shouldn’t. His family is falling apart.





The other soul is becoming more dominant, intimidating Miles’ dad, killing the family dog and displaying more characteristics of someone else. Someone very violent who enjoys hurting women.


After the second soul intimidates a therapist trying to help them, the therapist discovers who it is. A serial killer who killed 9 women, removed and preserved their left hands. Miles was born on the day he died. And it’s discovered why he’s come back.





This movie is like Child’s Play without most of the mayhem, with the feel of The Good Son or Sixth Sense. The cinematography and score make it eerie and very heavy. Great effects and visuals and is more a possession story than anything. This is for someone who prefers jump scares to blood, guts and gore. There is very little of it in this movie.







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