Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Prophecy



Prophecy, 1995 / 1 hr 38 min.

Thomas (Elias Koteas), formerly a Catholic seminary student, lost his faith after seeing visions of a war between Angels. Now a detective with the LAPD, he’s warned by the angel, Simon (Eric Stolz), of the war spilling



over onto his turf and on cue, another angel Usiel (Jeff Cadiente), a lieutenant of the arch angel Gabriel, arrives and is killed by Simon. While investigating, he finds in Simon’s apartment, he finds an obituary of a veteran, Colonel Arnold Hawthorne and Thomas’ theological thesis he wrote in seminary. Meanwhile, in Arizona, Simon has found what Usiel was looking for, a spirit hidden in the remains of the Colonel and he hides it inside a little girl, in the school he’s hiding in.



Back at the morgue, the ME (Steve Hytner)



finds a lot of unusual attributes in Usiel’s remains, like he has no eyes and never has had any. He’s a hermaphrodite, having both male and female sexual organs, no signs of bone growth and the same blood chemistry of an aborted fetus. And among is personal property is an ancient bible with an extra chapter, in Revelations, that explains a second war raging in heaven and there’s a prophecy that speaks of a dark spirit, hidden on earth, to be recognized and used as a weapon. 


Soon Gabriel (Christopher Walken) arrives and



he needs an assistant and opts for a suicidal man, Jerry (Adam Goldberg). Gabriel catches him just at the point of death and keeps his spirit inside of his corpse, Jerry is now miserably, undead. He follows Gabriel to the morgue to retrieve Usiel’s effects and destroys his remains.



After finding the obituary, the go to Arizona and sniff out Simon, to whom is tried to reason with, which ever side has the spirit tips the scales and if the wrong side gets it, Heaven will just be another Hell, with earth in it’s thrall. It doesn’t move Simon to cooperate and Gabriel kills him. 



The child, Mary (Moriah Snyder), carrying the souls recounts atrocities in the Korean War that she couldn’t possibly know about, including mass murder, cannibalism and ritual sacrifice. Mary is beginning to deteriorate from the presence of the soul and her community tries to save her. Meanwhile, Gabriel arrives at Mary’s trailer, which explodes after Katherine (Virginia Madsen) tries to shoot him and misses, hitting a fuel tank. 



Later, Lucifer (Viggo Mortensen) confronts



Katherine, complaining about the war in Heaven and if Gabriel wins it’ll devolve into another Hell and ‘that’s one Hell too many’. Gabriel taunts Lucifer, Lucifer rips out his heart,



Hawthorne’s souls leaves Mary and tries to attack but is killed by a blue light. Afterward, Lucifer invites Thomas and Katherine to Hell, who decline. 


I love this movie! Stellar cast, good story, well done.


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