Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Prophecy 2



The Prophesy 2, 1998/ 1 hr 27 min.




Lucifer decides that Hell isn’t big enough for he and Gabriel (Christopher Walken) and ejects him. Proclaiming that the war in Heaven isn’t his to fight. Now Gabriel has a new mission, to stop the birth of a Nephilim, a half angel/half human child. It was prophesied by a Monk, Thomas Daggett (Bruce Abbott) that a Nephilim will be born before the two sides reconcile. Gabriel attempts to get the location of the child from Daggett but fails and finally kills him.




Another Angel, Danyael (Russell Wong), has been killing Gabriel’s army of angels, so Gabriel once again finds a person to assist him, this time it’s a girl named Izzy (Brittany Murphy), who’s just committed suicide. He needs to find the mother (Valerie, Jennifer Beals) of this child and Izzy has a car.





Eden has become an industrial wasteland, ravaged by the war between Danyael and Gabriel’s Army. Danyael and Izzy are eventually killed, Valerie survives by leaping off a building while clutching Gabriel and letting him break the fall, he is impaled on a fence. Confident in her survival because God spoke to her, she tells Gabriel that God never stopped talking, he just stopped listening.




Gabriel is then turn into a human by Michael (Eric Roberts) and roams as a vagrant. Valerie raises her child alone, knowing they risk being hunted by Angels. And the war in Heaven rages on.



                        Also Danzig


Lots of recognizable faces, including Christopher Walken continuing as Gabriel.




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