Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Rage




The Rage, 2008/ 85 min.


A mad scientist (Andrew Divoff) is attempting to weaponize rage. In his filthy office he has subjects that go through various forms of torture and mutilation and if the subject dies, he feeds them to other subjects.

When he’s finally successful, he seals his own fate when the infected escapes from his restraints and can’t be stopped. He then escapes but luckily this rager has a short shelf life and doesn’t kill too many people. Unfortunately, we find out if the buzzards who find him can catch his rage. Because if they can, then this problem is about to get a whole lot worse.

The story ends up centering on a group camping at a music festival but also flashes back to the scientist and why he wanted to weaponize rage.

This is a low budget movie, evident in the cinematography, CG, some of the acting and those hilarious buzzards (very Thankskilling!) but definitely worth the watch if you are a kill or gore fan. They do not hold back or leave anything to the imagination. Really bloody, gory and graphic, the physical effects are outlandish in the best possible way.

This movie is disgusting, prepare your stomach for more vomit than usual, on top of the previously mentioned blood and gore. The kills are wild and not even kids are immune from it. This was a really fun movie though it might have to go into the so bad it’s good category.

* Nudity and an adult scenes.