Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Redwood Massacre



The Redwood Massacre, 2014/ 1 hr 22 min


This movie begins with a badly wounded woman escaping through the woods, it’s no use though, he takes no mercy on her and just hacks away at her.

The next day, adventurous campers flock to the forest to visit the notorious site of a murder. It’s expected to be a pretty big event. And as soon as campers beginning setting up, the killings begin.

The story goes, a farmer goes insane and hacks up his wife and consumes her alive, his daughter witnesses it and so he takes her over to the chopping block. Then he finds his son, after his death the farmer hangs himself. The legend has it that the wife’s body rose from the grave via evil entity that kills all who disturbs their resting place.

The forest is full of traps and they are clearly being watched. As people go missing, they are finding phones and other belongings that would not be left behind.

 The few who are left go ahead to the house to look for help but it’s a trek and they don’t really know where it is. Meanwhile, those still alive, with the killer, are trying to survive their torture.

This is a Scottish slasher and the first of the franchise but the story, mythos and concept is very different from Annihilation. It is otherwise, still a brutal blood bath and torture fest.