Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Revenant



The Revenant, 2009/ 117 min.



Second lieutenant Bart Greg (David Anders) wakes up in his grave after being sent home, after being killed in Iraq. When he crawls out of his grave, he realizes something is terribly wrong! After noticing he’s decaying and cutting his lips apart, that have been sewn shut, he goes to his best friend, Joey’s (Chris Wylde) house for help. Which is crazy because he spent the last 3 weeks mourning and with the rest of his friends, during and after his funeral. And he’s been buried for 2 days! And as expected, his friend freaks out!!



It’s settled, Bart is a zombie, sort of a ghoul..something between a zombie and a vampire. He is rapidly decaying and needs blood. It turns out that all the ways to get blood are all bad. And all of their attempts are frankly, hilarious! After robbing a hospital and unsuccessfully trying to lure the homeless. They come up with a plan to become vigilantes, after getting robbed, shot and killing the robber.



After Joey is killed, Bart bites him to ‘save’ him. They continue on with their spree in Vegas. They kill a couple friends, get captured by SWAT, reawaken in the morgue, get decapitated by vengeful gangbangers. And when it’s all too much and only one is left, he desperately and unsuccessful tries to ‘kill’ himself. 



He finally wakes up in a canister after being found by a HAZMAT team and is dropped into a foreign country.


This is a good movie! It’s funny, violent and gory. If you like slacker comedy, you’ll likely like this movie. There’s a lot going on here. And while it starts funny, as it goes on it starts to get sad and has a sad ending. Expect lots of crime, adult language, off color, offensive and dark humor. If you’re easily offended, skip this one.


Be aware there is also cutting, attempted rape, lots of suicide attempts. 


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