Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Seasoning House



Seasoning House, 2012/ 98 min. 

It’s a British Thriller about a house that supplies trafficked girls for use by local service men in the area.



The movie is loosely centered around Angel (Rosie Day), a deaf mute girl with a birth mark on her face. She was originally supposed to be sold for sex but instead becomes assistant to the house owner, Viktor (Kevin Howarth). Viktor rules with fear and intimidation, killing a girl in front of the rest, just make a point. The house is a derelict, rat infested den of squalor. Punctuated by boarded windows and filth incrusted...everything. Meanwhile, war rages around it. Death is everywhere. 


Angel’s job is to make the women/captors ‘presentable’ every work day by making them up and keeping them drugged. When the women are injured after a session, it is her job to clean them up and nurse them, as best she can, and get them in some way prepared for their next session, no matter their condition. Pressed into service even if the only sign of life is a heart beat. And when that stops, they are disposed of.


At night, she spends her time in the crawl spaces and lurking in the walls, exploring the house. 

Eventually she makes a friend, a newcomer named Vanya (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), who happens to know sign language because her father was deaf.



One day, the commander from the squad that brought her there, brings his squad back and his brother rapes and eventually kills Vanya, after breaking her pelvis.



Angel, witnesses it from the vent in the wall and kills him and retreats back into the wall.



Infuriating his brother who goes after her but she slips out of the house.


The comeuppance that comes to them all is the only thing that makes this bleak movie worth a mention. It is torturous, bloody, gory, graphic. Graphic sexual violence. It’s a hard, hard watch. You’ve been warned. The movie is well done it’s just the subject matter is so horrific. 


There is is so much justice in the end, though..


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