Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Silence


The Silence, 2019/ 1 hr 30 min.


Spelunkers open an underground cave and they let something out.


In Montclair, NJ we follow a family at the beginning of the event. You can’t out run them, you can’t lock them out and it is said that silence is your only hope. And if they know you’re there, they will wait.



And still human beings manage to still be one of the biggest threats to survival. With the family dog and family friend, they run for it. Luckily the family uses sign language because the daughter lost her hearing years ago.



And these creatures called vesps, use numbers and brute force, only silence will save you. And wait until you see how they breed. The world is silent, towns empty and all around are the remnants of a hasty retreat.



This movie’s pretty good, has a zombie flick feel but with a different kind of monster. The cg is ok but the practical effects are better. Fun story with the recognizable faces of Stanley Tucci and John Corbett.





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