Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Sleeping Car


The Sleeping Car, 1989/ 90 min. This horror movie opens with the train engineer’s helper, invites a woman on board, during his shift and instead of working, he sleeps with her. The engineer, in frustration, pulls the break and jumps from the train, causing it to crash.


Ten years later, the engineer is dead and his widow is renting out his train cars to lodgers. One of them, Jason (David Naughton) , inadvertently resurrects the spirit of the engineer, known as The Mister,



because of the hatred he harbors of his ex wife. It results in Jason, having visions of The Mister, his victims and his crimes. And every uninvited guest has become a victim of The Mister, all dying in one gruesome way after the other.



After they are killed they are deposited into the stream behind the property. Over the course of the movie, The Mister, becomes more and more corporeal with each kill. At the end of the movie, we find out how he died and what has to be done to release his spirit.


After some time, after moving into his new place, the nightmares return and when he notices his couch, is the same one from his sleeping car rental, he flees the apartment.



Lots of recognizable faces if you’re an 80s  or 90s film fan. There’s nudity and a few sexual scenes, including within the first 5 minutes of the movie. The story is a little long winded but not bad. It’s like a cross between Jason/Freddy/Exorcist. It has its gory moments and some jump scares and the effects are ok. If you like 90s low budget horror, you’ll probably like this. Enjoy!!


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