Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Special



The Special, 2020/ 1 hr 34 min.


A man, Jerry (Davy Raphaely), who suspects his wife is cheating, goes with his friend, Mike (Dave Sheridan), to a suspected brothel, for The Special. It’s promised to blow his mind and change his life. And so they arrive at a store front for a psychic, Madame Zhora (Susan Moses).

Jerry’s led to an empty bedroom with a box with a hole in it. On the box is written, ‘Stick it in here ⤵️.’ He eventually gets up the nerve to put his genital in the hole and later, there’s a scream.

This was a one shot deal, he’s never supposed to do it again but he’s hooked! He searches for his way back to do it again and find out what’s inside the box. It goes bad and someone ends up dead but he escapes with the box.

But before he finds out what’s in it, he’s gonna use it, a lot. And it ruins his life.

This is not scary but it is horrific. Good story and concept with a crazy ending.

Violence, adult scenes and nudity.