Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Stuff



The Stuff, 1985/ 1 hr 33 min.

The story opens with 2 men finding a puddle of fluffy white pulsating substance on the ground and after tasting it, discovered they liked it. So it was mass marketed as a dessert competing with ice cream, branded as The Stuff and sold in stores. It is low fat, tastes great, doesn’t stain and multiplies on its own, so it doesn’t have to be manufactured.



When one of the central characters, Jason sees it crawl back into its over turned container, in the refrigerator. Jason is trying desperately, to warn everyone about The Stuff but no one will listen. And he is becoming increasingly distrustful if anyone consuming it. He no longer trusts his parents,



he stops going to school and he goes to the store and knocks shelves of it down to keep others from eating it.



Later when his parents try to force him to eat it, he tricks them by eating shaving cream instead.


Flash to corporate competition, they’re desperate to get the ingredients to the stuff but can’t manage to do it. They can’t get it from inside the company, people keep disappearing, even the FDA can’t help. So they hire an industrial saboteur, Mo, to get the ingredients.



All his attempts to uncover anything about The Stuff hits a wall. People are acting weird and his interactions with people in a small town makes it obvious. The people are mere shells, controlled by The Stuff. It’s alive, some sort of living, thinking, alien organism. And it is actively chasing people who are not under it’s control, to kill them. 



Mo elicits the help of Nicole, a campaign manager, to help him find the source and after going to the factory, they’re on the run. Everyone seems to be under the control of The Stuff.




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