Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Thing

The Thing, a 1982 John Carpenter production about a team of people in Alaska attempting to survive then kill an alien who survives and hides by killing, then copying team members. And when the deception is discovered, the copied person, drops the act and transform into a monstrous configuration as it attacks or/and flees.

It first infiltrates the group by copying a dog, that is then let into the community and is only discovered as it kills other dogs in the kennel and someone witnesses the carnage and transformation, finally ending it with fire.

One by one, the members of the team are being killed and copied. Soon, there is a rush to discover who is still themselves as their work and equipment are sabotaged.

They discover infected blood has a violently strong reaction to heat, as the alien has to fire, and becomes the surest way to discover if the blood is human or alien.



Paranoia and distrust ensues as more people disappear, are discovered to be aliens and time is running out. It becomes clear that the alien is trying to escape into more populated environments and the decision is made that, in order to keep the world safe and the alien contained, no one leaves.

All corpses are burned to ensure they’re actually dead. And the craft discovered under the ice is to be destroyed. Great movie, great effects on a shoe string budget.


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