Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Thing 2011



The Thing, 2011/ 1 hr 43 min. Norwegian researchers find an alien craft under the ice, after 2 of them fall into a crevasse, at an abandoned arctic outpost. Joining the investigation is paleontologist, Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Nearby is an organism that is assumed dead, perished in the flight that is assumed to have crashed 100,000 years ago. 


Unfortunately, it’s not dead and after cutting it out of the ice and relocating it inside. life at the outpost is about to get a whole lot worse. The organism escapes the block of ice it was entombed in and vanishes.



The only evidence of its path is Lars’ dog’s cage has been ripped open and what remains is a splash of blood and a writhing monster that attacks them. Their response is swift, gun fire and flames. In recovering the remains of both creature and man, they discover the alien’s unique ability of consuming and copying other kinds of life. As well as it’s ability and speed of self replication.



And also, it’s still not dead. They discover the creature isn’t contained when Kate finds tooth fillings and blood in the shower and the race is on to figure out who’s themselves and who’s a copy. Copy’s can it be allowed to leave the arctic.



I like this movie and enjoyed it as much as the first one. It’s just as intense and graphic. The effects are still stellar. I can’t believe it because I love the 80s version and still watch it often. It even somewhat has that nostalgic feel. It also didn’t change too much of the story line. Good prequel! Good movie! Enjoy! 


P.S. Keep watching through credits until the black screen.



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