Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Tomorrow War



The Tomorrow War, 2021/ 2 hrs 20 min.

In 30 years mankind will be extinct and so a team is sent from the future, during a live soccer game, to beg for mankind’s help and to warn them, that they only had 11 months before it was the beginning of the end. They need everyone to fight to have a chance at survival.

There is a draft and things are so dire that people are sent to fight and recover vital information with no training whatsoever. They arrive in the burning remains of a dystopian Miami. The place is overrun with aliens, monsters known as White Spikes, mostly impervious to damage. They are fast, relentless and numerous, it’s almost an impossible feat.

The next plan of action is to capture some female white spikes, they could be the key to ending this. But they are bigger, faster and stronger than the males, who will give their lives to protect the females of their species.

One of the recruits, Dan (Chris Pratt) meets a not so friendly face from the past and he has an important mission to return to the past with the toxin and save mankind from an inevitable end. In this future, only 500,000 people exist on the planet, they live on borrowed time and this is the only hope.

And all he has to do is go back to the past find a team, convince them to do the impossible.

This movie is fast paced from the beginning. Very good concept, story and CG. Lots of monster activity and violence but very little blood and guts. It’s a broad story but they had the right cast to pull it off. Well done!