Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Toolbox Murders 2



Toolbox Murders 2 aka Coffin Baby, 2013/ 1 hr 35 min


A young woman, Samantha (Shauntal Lewis)  is kidnapped from the back of a police car after her sister is murdered. She’s kept in a cage by some kind of deranged and deformed killer.

 He is immediately incensed by a brand on her arm and tries various torturous ways to remove it. She also gets a front seat showing of all of his kills. Including people she knows. He dismembers their bodies, some parts of them he cooks and eats and feeds to her.

 They body parts start to pile up and he keeps them in her cage. After 2 weeks she starts to lose her mind. And the deranged murderer is falling for her. He goes out of his way to set up a gruesomely romantic dinner.

She may be losing her grip with reality but she hasn’t lost her will to live. She comes up with an plan to escape, using one of the corpses that’s lying around. All while he gets ready for a presumably hot date because he gives himself some surgery and a new face.

 There are other living people in his lair and with them the dilemma, does she try to save them or just herself.

This film reminds me of Chromeskull in that it’s low budget but with recognizable actors, good, graphic gore but the cinematography isn’t great. The pacing is pretty good after she’s kidnapped and her appearance progresses over time to match her reality. And even though this is pretty bleak, she puts up a good fight!