Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Treatment



The Treatment, 2014/ 1 hr 25 min



Officer’s arrive at a house of horrors. Blood smeared and splattered walls. The mother handcuffed in the closet, the father handcuffed to a pipe in the living room and the child to the stove. The perpetrator escapes with the child as the police approach. The child is eventually found, bound, high up in a tree and dead.


This seems familiar to one officer, this has happened before. An entire family kidnapped and the parents were forced to torture their children.



He also lost his little brother to kidnapping, right in front of him and has been taunted by the prime suspect ever since. As he follows the clues, he discovers a network and world of perversion. A map leading to a hidden cache of videos lead him to more answers than he expected or wanted. Including the next victims.



And the culmination of a heartbreaking tragedy that ends the mystery of what happened to his brother and he never even knew it.


This movie is a cop drama except it becomes very hard to watch. Like passed SVU, hard to watch. It’s heavy and once you realize what you’re seeing, it just keeps getting worse and worse.


The acting is phenomenal and also what makes it so hard to watch. It’s graphic and bleak. It’s violent and often painful to hear. Even what you don’t see is horrific as your mind fills in the blanks. Rather than show the full horror, they flirt with it.



Trigger alert for everyone: Abuse, sexual assault, suicide, men, women and children. Dog abuse, male and female pedophiles.


This movie is in Dutch with English subtitles.








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