Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Trip



The Trip, 2021/ 1 hr 53 min

aka Cặp Đôi Sát Ý


A couple, Lars (Aksel Hennie) and Lisa (Noomi Rapace) go on a relaxing trip to the lake with the sole intention of killing each other. And they pick the same exact moment to execute their plan but the wife gets the jump on her husband. Taser versus hammer and she was just quicker on the draw.


They despise each other, she because he gave up and the marriage is sexless and because she thinks he’s an idiot. He has a gambling problem and insists they’re months away from losing everything. But he does have a nice life insurance policy. But then again, so does she.


She, however is cheating. And now they are both over each other.


After she has him tied up and all of his tools from his bag of tricks laid out on the table. They each talk about their individual plans to kill each other. She explains, that though he’s a director, he’s only a 4th rate one and his plan is hair brained and dumb therefore wouldn’t have worked. He explains that her idea might have worked but for an actor, she’s the world’s worst and no one would believe her performance.


But as smart as she may be, he may be quite a lot smarter than she thinks, he does make movies for a living, after all. He has an accomplice but boy is he a terrible one, he talks to much and in the middle of this supposed deadly conspiracy, he decides to change the terms of their deal and possible sides. It just depends who’s deal is sweetest. It goes as bad as you can imagine. And this turns out to be not as easy a kill as either expected.


Meanwhile, 3 men, Roy (André Eriksen, Petter (Atle Atonsen) and Dave (Christian Rubeck) are hiding in the attic for a few days after escaping prison.


This changes everything. Or maybe just makes it worse. Oh and Lars’ dad, Mikkel (Nils Ole Oftebro) arrives and is amazing!


This Norwegian movie is fun! The concept and writing is good and funny, so were the English voice over. This is kind of wacky but also violent, graphic and kind of gruesome. Good cinematography and soundtrack!