Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Unborn



The Unborn, 2008/ 1 hr 29 min


Casey (Odette Annable) is plagued with nightmares of ghosts, corpses, a fetus and mysterious signs. She researches the meanings with her friend, Romy (Meagan Good) and one night while they’re on the phone while she’s babysitting she hears a scary voice on the baby monitor, Matty’s (Atticus Shaffer) room. When she goes upstairs, the little boy strikes Casey in the face with a mirror, saying “it wants to be born now”.


The next morning while making breakfast an insect comes out of an egg and that creepy little kid (Ethan Cutkosky) is standing in the street watching her, through the window.


Even at school, Casey still appears to be dreaming, even while she’s a wake. ‘Jumby wants to be born’ is on the chalkboard and she has to leave. There’s also a new anomaly on her eye that could be nothing and could be cancer. Whatever it is, it’s new. And she’s still seeing that kid, randomly, everywhere.


One night, with her boyfriend (Cam Gigandet), Casey hears knocking behind the medicine cabin and the kid, the boy, is shown contorted in the cabinet and then disappears.


Back at Dr. Caldwell’s (C.S. Lee) office, she discover’s she may have mosaicism that relates to a twin who died in utero. Her dad (James Remar) confesses that she is a twin and they referred to her sibling as Jumby. Casey suddenly takes a real interest in her deceased mother (Carla Gugino) and the twin brother who was never born.


Going through her mother’s old possessions she goes to an address from an article. She discovers a woman, Jane (Sofi Kozma) at this facility, is also a twin and she has a red string around her wrist, just like one in her mother’s possessions. But something spooks her and Casey and Romy have to leave.


Casey thinks she’s being haunted by someone who was never born.  But it’s much, much worse than that.



This is such a good supernatural horror. The CG and physical effects are very good. The concept, story and pacing are just right, it kept me interested the whole movie. Expect a lot jump scares and graphic and sometimes disturbing horror. Also in this are lots of flashbacks and dream sequences. The connection between the past and future, living and dead plus windows being doorways are all tied together very well. The title just does this movie no justice. This is very good!


Last but not least, Gary Oldman and Idris Elba are also in the cast.