Macabre…ish Horror Review: The Windmill



The Windmill Massacre aka The Windmill, 2016/ 1 hr 25 min

A woman, Jennifer (Charlotte Beaumont), on the run, flees to Holland via tour bus, she’s traumatized though and having hallucinations and night terrors which makes her situation harder. The bus breaks down near a Windmill that isn’t on the map and they make the mistake of getting off the bus.

But the group’s not alone, when she and another tourist, Jack (Ben Batt) go for a walk, a maniac shows up and shears him off of his feet and as he stomps the man’s body into oblivion, Jennifer runs for it. The people back at the bus do not believe her until someone throws something bloody at a window.

When they go to the opposite side of the bus, it shifts and falls off a cliff but they manage to escape. Now they have to take refuge, in the middle of nowhere, in an unmapped location, in one of the creepiest barns ever.

To recap, they are stranded in unmapped no man’s land, with no vehicle or help, a psychotic killer is loose and one of them is dead and another is bleeding but also anemic.

But wait, there’s more…something about this place causes people to see things from their pasts, mistakes…regrets, their sins…which impacts their decision making and ultimately gets many of them killed.

One more thing, the killer actually does have a purpose, which is to feed the windmill. This is no regular, grain grinding mill, it is much, much worse. The history of the place is that the Miller (Kenan Raven) and his farm were burned to the ground after he was found to be practicing witchcraft.

But that is not the entire story and all is revealed at the end. Or should I say, this incarnation of the end…

This movie is unbelievably graphic so if you are not a gore fan, skip this one. But if you are a fan, the physical effects leave nothing to the imagination. It’s bloody, gory and there are plenty of jump scares.

Good effects and story! I enjoyed this!