Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Wolf of Snow Hollow




The Wolf of Snow Hollow, 2020/ 1 hr 24 min


A couple are on Winter vacation in Snow Hollow and one of them is mauled and partly consumed by what might’ve been a pack of giant dogs. But the police think a person did this and launch a manhunt. And the news is calling it a massacre. But everyone is wrong.


Every evening, there’s a different death. Someone is saying it’s a bear, then a wolf but law enforcement insist it’s a man. And the Deputy is cracking under the pressure. He’s assaulting coworkers, firing people and generally acting strangely. And begins to end his nights blacking out after drinking a bottle of mouth wash.


Then the killings begin to evolve,  roadways are blocked with roadkill and the killer is covering their tracks.


Things really escalate when the deputy’s daughter sneaks out and is attacked. And a detective is later found in the trash. Suddenly clues turn up and the police put it all together.


This is a horror comedy. It’s somewhat graphic and gory. I personally didn’t find it funny but I did appreciate the concept, also there were last minute clues that seemed forced and some unanswered mysteries that seemed more like misdirection and handy plot twists, than integral parts of the story.