Macabre...ish Horror Review: The World’s End



The World’s End, 2013/ 109 min.


The best years of Gary King’s life was in high school in Newton Haven and he only wanted to complete the quest of the Golden Mile, drinking their way through 12 pubs to The World’s End. His memory of that time was significantly different than his high school buddies. This guy lives on nostalgia.


And now at the lowest point in his life, he want’s to complete that quest with his high school pals that they never completed, stopping with 3 to go. So he rounds them up decades later, to do just that. He’s the only one that hasn’t moved on from high school, in fact, nothing much has changed except he’s gotten older.



And back in Newton Haven a whole lot has changed. And Gary’s old friend’s find out just what he’s been up to as well as what’s wrong with their town.



In the end Gary finally drinks his way to The World’s End



but only after the most horrific, inexplicable thing happens to just about every person in town that would never happen, in the history of ever. And it’s terrible. Plus the apocalypse.



I love this movie! And for it not to be a horror is weird because it was a horror. I was happily shocked when I saw this first the time. And loved the story and concept, it was quite the roller coaster ride all the way through. Great cast, fun fight scenes and great to see certain actors do something slightly different!



This movie manages to be funny, creepy, eerie, sad and endearing, tough to pull off without feeling forced or like a joke. Very well done!


Intrigued?! Of course you are, it is available here, on itunes. Enjoy! 




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