Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Worthy



The Worthy, 2016/ 99 min



One stop for a hitchhiker changes a truck driver’s life. He wants to be dropped off at the road to nowhere, exit 77 and warns the Shaoib, beware the Black Flag. He tells him to gather supplies and flee to safety and seclusion and Shaoib did. The hitchhiker foresaw The End.


Then The Black Flags and other paramilitary groups clashed, killed almost everyone and gutted everything, leaving it all to rot. Those who avoided murder, ended up freezing or starving to death, alone and terrified.


The Black Flags then poisoned the water supply. A single drop could destroy your entire immune system, cities were erased and lands were laid to waste. Survivors have nothing now but each other and maintaining seclusion and protecting themselves from marauders is all that’s left.


Then visitors arrives to Shaoib’s family compound but only one is let in and it causes strife within the compound. And the nervous members, they were right, they let the wrong one in.



This is a post apocalyptic Middle Eastern psychological thriller, in Arabic but with English audio. The effects are good and graphic, there are some truly brutal scenes. The cinematography is just as good. Good story, kept me hooked to the end! I hope it gets a sequel (or prequel). Well done!